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ویدئو مارکتینگ

Hi, I am Ehsan Nazari, the creator, director, researcher and video marketing expert of promotional films. I help sales managers and companies produce video content with other marketing activities so that they can use video as a powerful assistant in marketing activities. Marketing and marketing plan.
Before becoming a video marketing expert, I worked as a graphic designer and advertising consultant for several advertising companies for six years. After continuing to successfully carry out advertising campaigns and provide services to various individuals and companies, I now also work with them as a video marketing consultant and event designer.
I am also the author of the Persian’s first video marketing book. After three years of research, the book is a three-year study of well-known foreign resources through my own experience and the help of great figures in the video industry. Published after research. Iranian advertisers such as Omid Hakpurnia and Pajman.Fakariya.
I assist in training, consulting and video marketing activities for the company's products and services, and create videos for personal brands.
Email:[email protected]